Timber Procurement

Vicksburg Forest Products is Interested in Purchasing Your Timber!

For questions, please contact VFP Procurement Manager Tommy Freeman @ 601-431-0722 

Log Specifications

Natural/Grade Southern Yellow Pine                                                        Clear Plantation Southern Yellow Pine 

Minimum Top Size 12”                                                                                                   Minimum Top Size 14”                                                                                                                                                                             

Maximum Butt Size 44” 

Pre-cut to 16’3” lengths

Unacceptable Defects

  •  No ring knots
  • No large knots (over 4 Inches)
  • No spike, rotten or over-grown knots
  • No metal in logs
  • No excessive crook or sweep
  • No excessive blue stain

Acceptable Defects With Weight Deduction

  • Crook under 4 inches in a 16’ log
  • Small tops
  • Angle cut butts
  • Rotten or unsound red heart
  • Uneven or ragged butts
  • Bust or splinter pull
  • Scars or cat faces
  • Flared butts
  • Untrimmed knots
  • Forks or double heart
  • Over length (3-inch allowance)

Weight Deductions

  • 100 pounds per foot will be deducted for any material not meeting specifications or in the case of a total cull the entire stem will be put back on the truck

Cull Policy

  • Culls will be loaded back on the truck they came in on or they become property of Vicksburg Forest Products, LLC (if your truck leaves without its culls they will not be re-loaded or returned)

*** Vicksburg Forest Products reserves the right to change log specifications at any time for any reason and also reserves the right to reject any load at any time for any reason ***

Questions please contact Tommy Freeman @ 601-431-0722